Chairman’s Massage

Since, The crack of its dawn G.R. Sr. Sec. school has been doing dynamic progress.
The school is trying to give a concrete shape to the great ideals & vision of its founder president Mr. Hawasingh
It gives me pleasure & sense of qualification that G.R. enabled its students to cultivate
a passion for learning by developing their creativity and insight.
In my opinion, good teachers, using most effective methods and effective institutions with lofty practicable vision can transform this dream into reality. We must make sure that they are aware of, and carry out this responsibility to the best of their ability.
I am imagine to find that the first edition ‘Souvenir’ exhibits a blazing zeal & relentless insight.
I express my heartiest congratulations to the “Principle”, staff and students for extending their generous contribution to bringing out this first issue of “Souvenir”