Principal’s Desk

Message From Principal’s Desk

The changing scenario of education enhanced the perspective of student’s thought process. To Keep pace with it G.R. rhives on its ability in various dimensions as creativity , self motivation , empathy , leadership , positive in stuents.

The transcending concern of G.R. it to conserve & protects the environment to establish sensetivity in this dedicate minds , rekated projects & assignment were given to them.Plethora of education & recursion tips, seminar , curricular & co-curricular activities., inter-school Competitions, Compassion & guidance of dedicate team of teacher have equipped the students with anatonomy , independent thinking , right aptitude & attitude.

Ability is not enough unless it is supplemented by concomitant factors. ‘Souvenir’ has generated a harmonious blend of ultimate endeavours of budding talent to tap their talent Knacks, innate feelings and outlook. The display of talent hidden in them will enable to explore untrodden realms in year ahead.

I emunciate my heartleft congratulations to the talent teaches & ingenious students whose support has given G.R. its strength to achieve the peak of glory.